This Amazing Personality Test Can Predict Your Political Views

A personality test can be anything that could reveal various aspects of an individual. It may be a test based on certain questions, pictures or stimuli. A standard personality test can draw conclusions about a person’s character and psychology. Recently, a research conducted by University of Queensland and the University of Pennsylvania found that a simple personality could even predict the political views of an individual. Yes! This simple and visual personality test could predict your political views. Want to know how? Here it is.

This Amazing Personality Test Can Predict Your Political Views

An Amazing Personality Test that Can Predict Your Political Views

Personality test that could give clues about our political views is not a first time happening in the history. In a visual based personality test conducted in 2014, it was found that people with conservative political view reacted more strongly to disgusting images shown, than people with liberal political view.

In this new visual personality study published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, it is said that conservatives are more inflexible than liberals in classifying shapes. The study could easily differentiate between conservative’s and liberal’s political view. It is as simple as differentiating a perfect-shaped triangle from vague-shaped triangle.

The hypothesis of the study was that ” people with conservative political view are more sensitive to deviance than liberals”. For analyzing the validity that they provided 3 visual experiments to the study group. They were asked to differentiate between perfect and imperfect shapes. They were also given with questionnaires inquiring about their political beliefs, their attitude towards social outlaws and their moral sense towards people who deviate from rules and norms of the society.

The result was really interesting. People with conservative political view were more likely to differentiate between perfect and their imperfect counterpart shapes. It revealed that conservatives are more sensitive to deviance than liberals. Whether it is shape or social norm, conservatives can easily spot the misalignment.

In the past, there were also  psychological tests that predicted political views based on the brain activity of individuals. The MRI Scan method used for study revealed that conservatives have more brain activities related with fear and threat recognition than liberals. Another research found that negativity bias is more in conservatives. Yet another study conducted in 2015 showed that conservatives are more self-controlled than liberals.



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