Story of 100 Horse Rescue Operation

Read the amazing news that happened in 2006. It’s almost 10 years, but the news about the incident is still amazing. This amazing news is from Netherlands and it is about the story of 100 Horse Rescue Operation.

Amazing News about 100 Horse Rescue Operation

Story of 100 Horse Rescue Operation- An Amazing News from Netherlands.

This happened in 2006. A group of horses got stranded on a small island in Netherlands. The problem occurred due to a huge storm that pushed seawater into the land area. People were almost evacuated but many animals were drowned or died. Among them a troop of horses were stuck on a small muddy piece of land that was surrounded with water. The water covering turned it into an island. Literally speaking they were trapped for 3 days and was about to meet their harsh fate.

The horses were in a hazardous condition and many of them were suffocating due to water. The public did their best to save these fellow beings. The problem was that these horses are to be brought into safe grounds by covering floodwaters. The risk of upcoming storm worsened the situation. Because they can manage in this small area if water level is increasing. The conditions of horses were very pathetic too. Many of them were in a stage of giving up.

A miraculous thing happened with a sensible act of Friesian online horse forum.  They posted a message that says” Horses and riders sought… Only experienced riders with horses without fear of water”. The attempt was to initiate a distressful rescue operation. A team of female riders steered the mission of rescuing the horses from the drowning island to safe grounds. Riders called Fardow, Christina, Antje,Micky, Hinke and Susan were in the team. They were successful in their mission and brought the horses to safety.

We can’t exactly narrate it, you have to see it for yourself. Here we have the video of 100 Horse Rescue Operation that rocked as amazing news to the world.


Inna Mag

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