Passport of this Country offers Visa Free Access To 177 Countries

We all know that , we need a passport  to travel internationally. Most countries will only give access to those people who have valid passport. It is a travel document authenticated by a country’s government that certifies the identity and information of the passport holder. There is a lot to know about a passport. It’s power and relevance is really amazing. To know that , read this article on power of passports of different countries. Here are the amazing facts about power of passports.

Amazing Facts about Power of Passports

Amazing Facts about Power of Passports

Henley & Partners, a citizenship and immigration company based in London recently compiled data for finding the power of passports of different countries. The survey found the countries that offer more freedom of travel to the citizens. The countries with passports that are powerful enough to provide access to other countries offer more travel-freedom. The gauge was based on Visa Restrictions Index.

The powerful passports were ranked on the basis of access towards international countries without visa. Among them Germany topped the list. With German passports you can travel across 177 countries without needing a visa. Sweden holds the second position by offering access to 176 countries. The third position is shared by counties like United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain and Finland. These countries could provide access to 175 countries without visa formality.

Amazing Facts about Power of Passports

In the rank list United States, Belgium, Denmark and Holland shared their position by providing entry to 174 countries. In the bottom, the countries with least powerful or worst passports were charted. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia are in that chart.

The power of passport and access to international countries is determined by:

  1. Political and administrative relationships.
  2. Visa formalities of receiving country.
  3. Security affairs.
  4. Immigration rules and norms.


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