5 Foods You Should Never Cook In The Microwave Oven

Never use your Microwave Oven blindly. You did not know how unhealthy it is to use microwave oven with these food stuffs. Microwave based cooking is not an one point solution equipment to fulfill all your kitchen needs. The way you should your microwave oven is far away from it’s ideal use. There are many things that get compromised by using microwave oven. Taste, quality and freshness are not in the “compromise list”. There is only one thing which is very important. Your Safety. Yes,  you are making many safety compromises while using a microwave oven. Recent study proves that there are some food stuffs you should never microwave. The study revealed about the serious ill effects caused by unscientific use of microwave ovens. The researchers found that it can effect your:

  • Heart rate
  • Intestine
  • Stomach

Even though the manufacturers are claiming, the health risks are not greatly reduced by their extensive testing methods. We use microwave for our convenience, but in the near future it’s after effects may be our greatest inconvenience. To ensure your health and safety, read this article on 5 Foods You Should Never Cook In The Microwave Oven. Know why you should not microwave these food stuffs.

5 Foods You Should Never Cook In The Microwave Oven

1) Breast Milk

1) Breast Milk

Heating breast milk microwave oven can make it more prone to bacterial growth. The ingredients of the breast milk are bacteria-fighting, but with microwave they gets malfunctioned.

2) Broccoli

2) Broccoli

Cooking broccoli in oven can suck it’s water content which are rich in beneficial antioxidants. It can kill the nutritional value of the vegetable.

3) Frozen Fruits

3) Frozen Fruits

Never microwave and use frozen fruits. Because during microwaving the glucoside and galactaside in the fruit converts into cancer causing agents.

4) Defrosted Meat

4) Defrosted Meat

The first thing is that microwave oven cannot provide even heating and cooking. It may also destroy the vitamin B-12 content.

5) Food Stuffs covered in plastic wraps or in containers

5) Food Stuffs covered in plastic wraps or in containers

As you may already know, plastic wraps or containers when heated release harmful chemicals into the food. They can also cause cancers.




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