10 Weight Loss Facts Your Fitness Instructor Won’t Tell You

The weight loss facts that are reinforced to us are not much valid. There are many misleading loop holes in those facts. What we know about weight loss is some myths and outdated concepts. The support given by fitness experts, energy drink companies, models and celebrities make their reach wider. Such odd weight loss facts are even professed by gyms, fitness apps, sports products and work out motivation videos. Here are the 10 Weight loss facts your fitness instructor won’t tell you.

10 Weight Loss Facts Your Fitness Instructor Won’t Tell You

10 Weight Loss Facts Your Fitness Instructor Won't Tell You

1) Exercise alone can’t help you in managing your overweight- Without calorie restriction exercising is just a mere wastage of time.

2) Evolutionary truth of weight loss- We are not active as our ancestors. The amount of carbon dioxide released by people in our generation quite low. Without releasing carbon dioxide by using our energy, weight loss is never possible.

3) Exercise is good for health, but may not help in weight control- Exercise is good for overall well being of our body and mind. It can reduce the risk of heart attacks, diabetes and strokes.

4) Exercise can only burn a negligible amount of calorie- Total energy expenditure which is effected by exercise calorie burn is very nominal. The percentage vary from 10 percentage to 30 percentage. There are many other factors that can influence weight loss. They are:

  • Metabolism
  • Energy consumed when body is at rest.
  • Energy consumed when body is in physical activity.

5) There are some subtle side effects of exercising-  The routine of hectic exercises can increase your cravings. It may also slow down the body energy consumption during normal routines. Tiredness feeling may make you idle, which contributes to calorie stagnation.

6) Weight loss business is spreading some wrong advise- Without scientific proofs government and food industry are spreading the wrong information.




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